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6/20/07 04:38 pm


All day, I'm trying to be nice, but if I don't vent somewhere, I'm going to fucking bite her head off ¬¬....

"You need to carry the phone with you at all times to answer it"
"You shouldn't step away from a patient for anyone on the phone."
"Run to the bank, it's closing in 2 minutes"
"I want you to watch a 45 minute tape on how to answer the phone at the chiropractor's office"
"You NEED to wear a name tag every day; it makes the office more friendly"
"I'm so hungry I can't think..." (Me: And I'm just supposed to be ok without a break?)

-_____-;;; and now she just made aggressive hand signals at me... good god, only one hour left...

6/18/07 10:44 am - 1 WEEK!!!! OMFG 1 WEEK!!! XD

1 Week..... x.x I'm seriously starting to panic! ;_; And being the worrier I am, I'm gonna call the hotel four times just to make sure we have our reservation and then sometime this week type up a list of stuff to do -planner thing... <<; Backups for everyday!! And I have to figure out how to get to Muir Woods on Tuesday.... I can't (or that road scares me too much to...) drive that road... x.x; and the bus doesn't run up there... I'll figure it out ¬¬

And in other news, I had to get my cellphone replaced.... so I need everyone's information again x.o addresses were on my phone too ¬¬;... my own fault though ^^; dropping the thing in water.... XD;

School starts tonight, oh god x__x I hope I can handle it... 9 hours a week x.o I can do it ¬¬ The prospect of having a fun last semester will keep my will strong XDDD just this summer, next fall and then spring. Fall will be the last of my boring classes... as I've discovered I actually like math oO; and of course, watercolor is the bomb XD I can't wait to learn all I can from that class X333 I wanted to do all my dragon illustrations for my book in watercolor ^^ it's my favorite medium as far as artists I like goes. I want to make awesome artwork like this from Helena Nelson-Reed:

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6/15/07 10:52 am

You know what? I've tried to post to to this damn thing four times today and after the first sentence, I can't think of anything to say ¬¬; so there you go XP

I'm bored, someone save me ;_;

and on a side note, Apocalypso was a surprisingly better movie than I thought it would be... kinda a movie I could watch maybe one or two times more, but I wouldn't need to buy it. Still entertaining and interesting... very well filmed, but could have done with less of the gore and cruelty that Mel Gibson seems to love so much~ >>; he may want to go see a therapist XP...but anyway, historically accurate, and nothing like "The Passion" >,< such a bad movie. XDD;

6/13/07 11:56 am - Where I am In Life Right Now

1) Driver's License
2) Car
3) Permanent member of the AGS
4) Get Organized for Novel
5) Complete Japanese course requirements for major
6) Find contacts for UCB
7) Change my hair
8) Finish formatting play-sets on email

Resolutions nearly done! And we're only halfway through the year~ X3 I feel accomplished... though my email is building up again, I can't really format that stuff cause its mostly future sets x_x;; Synstress and I have to finish a different set before any of those others can leave my email XDD silly party animals X33

As for the car, I'm pretty much able to take the Land Rover whenever I please, so that's nice. When I don't have the car, I'm getting rides~ I haven't taken a bus in about a month now~ AMAZING! XD Though of course the trade off is I become errand girl, oh well XD

Now, about my time in life:

Mondays- Chiropractor job
Tuesdays- Anspach Tax Office
Wednesdays- Chiropractor job
Thursday- Florist
Fridays- Chiropractor job
Saturdays- Florist

And starting this Monday, I will also be taking History 100 over the summer. Since all this fun stuff obviously restricts my time, I'm no longer going to be testing the waters of the dating world until life becomes more simple, and my time off (when not doing chores) will be doing things I like doing. Though I want to work on my novel, sometimes its hard to decide where to start XP;; but I'm just making excuses for myself. I DO want to get it somewhat organized before Nicky comes down though XD Cause, well, it's a nice solid deadline X3

And speaking of Nicky~ woohoo!!! 12 days to go! I'm so excited I can't stand it T^T This weekend I'm going to start getting together a planner for the 4 days she's here~ All I know is we need to utilize the time, without exhausting ourselves out XD;

annnnd~ I'm going to get my hair highlighted again next week... >> prolly Tuesday. ^^; That's about all XP I just like to keep myself organized XDD See most of you soon XD

6/11/07 03:28 pm - Day 1 of 6! Goooooooo WORK! Not XP

Baabaaaa Black sheep~ I have a Face Book now XP... it is keeping me from my work ^^;;;;; But I think my front page looks cool now, and the fact that it will automatically load up new posts from my LJ just rocks X3 One less account to truly keep track of XDDDDD anything but MySpace ¬¬; *hiss* Music saaaaampling~ mm X3 best feature I've found so far~ and when I get home, its time to share my fav YouTube vids XD and to start my cat's blog... cause I'm a freak that way XDDDD

anyone who reads this and wants to see more than text for me, my email is arielhud @ yahoo.com... without the spaces, for all you humanoids out there X3


6/9/07 09:10 am - @.@!!!

1750 CHEM 105 3 units A
2145 JPNS 204 4 units A


I can't believe I did so well this semester T^T That still makes up for a lot of the crap that's been going on lately. I still have to figure out what classes I will be taking at Berkeley and COM next semester... if I can take a class at Berkeley.. It can only be offered one day a week with my schedule >.O... and I may be dropping down to one day a week at the flower shop when school starts, asss.... they are the only place that flexible x.x Summer school already starts in 9 days O_O;; I hope I can handle it ~.~ I can drop if I NEED to, but I'd rather have it so last semester at COM in the spring will just be a fun art course and Statistics... History >,< bleck! I like foriegn history~ but US history... sorry to say... is just... *yawn* >>;

I think dad wants me to take over the Land Rover eventually too O_O... I may have a car... wooooo~ XDD

and, low and behold... it's time for work XPPPP

6/7/07 04:38 pm - Hmmm....... Lecture-Sounding Post Oo;

So, here's how things go for the moment... I won't be dating Rich, as 1) he really is too old for me, 2) I don't feel I'm ready to commit myself to an "intimate" relationship at the moment, and 3) I don't have any freaking time for dating anyway >.O... This last week I was like, "When's a good day to go out?.... uh..... hmm..." so that was a good sign for me >>; Plus, I need to stay hyped up on school and little lovey-dovey eyes aren't going to get me anywhere productive XP

On another note, as home life has been up and down, and especially last night with further experience from "blahblah" I kinda realized that it's not just because of my dad that I won't really care to pick up liquor habits... beyond the fact that alcoholism can run in the genes (grand-dad had problems with it too), I just don't find it very attractive, except for maybe one split drink with a group (for myself) every now and then. That and smoking and drugs. I don't think I could ever be in a relationship with someone who does any of those things. I know it narrows down my list of possibilities, but oh well~ I've had a difficult time growing up (though yes, I know it could always be worse), so I can afford to be a bit more choosey in my possibilities for mates. As far as friends go, drugs are okay if you do marijuana (fuck you if you touch the other crap) in private and don't talk about it, smoking is okay, just no where near me... asthma people, asthma. And then with drinking.. in moderation. I've just come to find that the use of those things as an escape or as the point of a social scene is just well... stupid, beyond being bad for your health.

Annnnd now dad wants me to go drop off some laundry, wee. XP... be back later...

6/6/07 01:11 pm

Which Job Should I Consider Quitting?

Anspach Financial Group (tax office)
Northgate Chiropractic (chiropractor)
Natalie & Daria's (flower shop)

So here's the dealio:

If I quit Anspach, I will be sad =( It IS only one day a week, so if I quit that job technically I'd be back to two days a week off, BUT they pay me $18 an hour and they will be my permanent job come January.

If I quit the Chiropractor job, I'll be indifferent... minus small feelings of disappointing my boss here (she asked me to stay at least until December). It is the job I work 3 days a week, and she pays me $13 an hour. However, I get no breaks unless its Friday (this includes bathroom breaks) and overall, the work environment has been very uninspiring (could be because my boss is a worrying-penny-pinching-New Yorker...) and she tends to change my schedule a lot... but again, this is my main "job" at the moment.

If I quit the flower shop, I'll feel very bad because I like working there... but now I'm also in a sort of limbo because I might be dating one of my boss's sons... which could get REALLY weird if things don't work out >.O... They pay me $10 an hour and I work there 2 days a week, but I could possibly work 3 days a week if I quit the chiro job.

If you guys were in my shoes, considering I'm also in crunch time for school... what would you do?

6/1/07 10:58 am

Today... is a good day. Today will remain a good day no matter what happens. I will do my best at work and will enjoy my hour lunch with Hannah. I will also ignore the icky feeling in my stomach from the pills >,<

I'm supposed to be called today by older-coworker-man to see if I'm available to go out this weekend... Unlike any time before, I'm not really expecting anything at all. All I can hope is that it won't be so awkward that we can keep working together... at most, I'm expecting I'll get to know him better, but if he smokes more frequently than he tells his Aunt, there's no way it'll work.

Cigarettes should be banned from the universe >_< It's the only poison people can put into their system that can get the people around them sick too... it's just gross ~.~

Sleep is wonderful... two naps and a full eight hours last night.. (sorry Nicky ^^; I know you're in a worse boat than me ^^;;;; ) It did wonders on my mood.

Today is June 1! That means.... 25 days! YAY!

5/19/07 03:54 pm - 鼻の本のエッセー ・ おわりました。


鼻という本を読んで良かったです。鼻の本の中でしゅじんこうの内供の鼻は ちょうずめみたいで長くて太くて上口びるの上から、あごの下まで下がっていました。内供は僧でした。内供は昔から今日までこの鼻の事で苦に病んで来たが, ほかの人にその事を知られたくなかった。しかし第三者は内供の鼻がおかしいから、けっこんが出来ないし、出家して良かったと思いました。




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